Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ART FROM THE ROAD: Sunday Postcard Art (01-22-17)

The Sunday Postcard Art challenge this week is brought to us by Jopke from The Netherlands. She is an established artist and you can find some of her wonderful videos here. Jopke challenges us to use circles on your postcard! A rather simple request, it seems, but I want to make it a bit more interesting by tossing in a word totally new to my vocabulary. 

The title of my postcard here is PONDER THE PERIGON! A perigon is an angel obtained by rotating a half line in the same plane once around the point from which it extends. 


A simpler definition would be a round angle. Simpler still, a full circle!

If you would like to join our CIRCLE of friends at Sunday Postcard Art, you will find the challenge details for this week here.

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  1. Love your postcard this week, Kay! It's perfect that you used a child image. There's more wonder in the pondering done by children.

  2. Wow Kay! I love this card - the colours, circles, image and textures are all perfect for each other.

  3. Gorgeous Kay. The look on the child's face is priceless and so perfect for this postcard.

  4. Brilliant Kay - I love following your adventures on Facebook.
    Safe travels xx

  5. I thought I was pretty good with words, but you really educated me (and so beautifully, too!) with this one. Love it, and many thanks!

  6. Brilliant Kay, fun, educational, and beautiful, all at the same time xx

  7. hahahahahaha I loved your explanation of a Perigon. A fabulous card and the elements work so well together. I love this project.


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