Friday, August 3, 2018

ART FROM THE ROAD: Getting reacquainted with alcohol inks!

I recently was pointed toward a video on YouTube and, well, you know what happened. I was there for hours! By chance, I came upon one of Tim Holtz's early videos introducing alcohol inks and their versatility. I remember becoming immediately enamored of these inks that came in bottles and, of course, bought many, many shades of the liquid jewels. When I found them yesterday, the bottles were dusty! Not daunted by a bit of dust, I set them out on my craft table and went in search of the wooden applicator (blending tool) and those little felt pads (remember?).

My task for the day was to create a card for someone who is getting buried with family stuff. She needed a bit of uplifting and these alcohol inks were about to do just that!

Without consulting my color wheel, I chose three inks that I thought might look good together--Pool, Stonewashed (blues) and Purple Twilight. I loaded up the blending tool and started pouncing color on a piece of Ranger Specialty Stamping Paper. I wish I had taken pictures of this process (was not thinking about blogging at the time) because I had forgotten just how BRIGHT these colors are. I remembered that I used to use a blending solution to tone down or even remove color. Found it! I was able to soften the colors a bit to the point where I liked them much better.

Without admitting that I am still buying art supplies, I will share that I recently "acquired" a set of 7 die cuts of weeds. Yes, weeds! I chose some green paper, got out my Big Kick and cut away. I also recently "acquired" a box of photo frame cards and decided to use one of those for this card. With a bit of adhesive, I nestled the stems under the "frame" at the bottom and extended some of the tops of the weeds over the sides. I intentionally did not adhere all of the blooms to the card and bent them forward a bit (not easily visible here). Here's the result:

I adhered other images that I cut onto the inside of the card on the left. That's a nice touch that I will remember in the future.

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  1. You are so talented
    Didn't your mother like doing artsy creations too?

  2. Beautiful colors for this card and great new dies, Kay!! This is a "valeur sure" as we say in French!
    Simple and beautiful, like you :) Mwah!

  3. This is really lovely Kay, I have a tub full of dusty alcohol inks too xx

  4. That's a stunning card, Kay - you've done your alcohol inks proud, and I'm impressed at your recent acquisitions, too...:D

  5. Very pretty. I never really got my head around alcohol inks. Maybe I should revisit. Hugz


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