Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Carol Fox, my teammate from the U.K., is in charge this week, and she is challenging us to use black, pink and purple in our projects for the Stampotique Designers' Challenge!  Really, Carol, black, pink and purple?  Seems a bit of an odd challenge to me, but, in the end, I loved it!  Here is what Carol had to say:
I love strong colors that really pop on the page, so I ask you to feature black, pink and purple on your make for the challenge this week.  Carol x
I wanted to make a tag/bookmark for a friend whose husband has had a stroke and is now is a extended care nursing home. She has a tough road ahead of her (as does he), so wanted her to know she needed to focus on getting through second, one minute, one hour, one day!

I used these Stampotique stamps in my project:

And here's my tag/bookmark:

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I hope you will take some time this week to get crafty!  At the end of the month, two lucky artists will each receive a $30 gift certificate for anything on the Stampotique Originals website.  


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


My Stampotique teammate and dear friend Corrie Herriman is the host this week for the Stampotique Designers' Challenge, and she is asking us to create a project using book text. Here is her direction:
Hello everybody and happy Wednesday to you all! Today it is my turn to host the challenge and I would like you to use book text. This is such a versatile material and when I get a bit stuck, I regularly reach for an old book to use the pages. I think everybody has an old book or magazine lying around to use. I can't wait to see what you come up with, but most of all have fun creating !!!   Corrie x
Much like Corrie, I find that book text, whether tucked into the background or a front-and-center element, can really give a creative boost when a bit stuck!  And, I was definitely "stuck" on this one.  I created two for the bin before finding inspiration in the book text I chose.  First, I was intrigued by the page number and knew that I wanted to include that.  I also noticed the chapter title "Novelist and Philosopher," and then I remembered one of my newer stamps called "Philip," who has a wishful, inquiring upward gaze.  Of course, at that point, I needed something at which Philip could be looking--and that was one of the Stampotique stamps just released called "Paris Lamp Post."  By this time, I was on a roll!  I added one of the new release text stamps ("When I Grow Up") to show what Philip might be thinking; then, for a little added interest, a bit of a border using one side of the brand new "Circles Cube."  A dab of yellow paint, an ink-dyed ribbon, a brad and done!  But here, you take a look:

I am pleased with my tag and with overcoming this challenge. Sometimes, it just takes more than one attempt to get where you most want to be--in art, as well as in life!  (I love you, Russ!)

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Kim Howard is not only the Stampotique Design Team Coordinator, but also our hostess today and she is prompting us to make a masculine card for the Stampotique Designers' Challenge!  
Happy Hump Day!

I'm so excited to host the challenge this week as it's one I'm always struggling with.  In a home where the males outweigh the females, you wouldn't think it would take much to create a masculine card, but it's something I have had a hard time doing every time I sit down to make one.

I challenge you to show me your best masculine cards this week---are they ones that come naturally to you or do you draw a blank when you need to create one as well?

Cant wait to see all the possibilities you come up with this week!
Like Kim, creating masculine cards is difficult for me.  And, if that isn't a big enough challenge, two of the men in my life are under the age of 14!  That can be a double challenge!  But, for today, I created a birthday card for my adult son Bryan.  Sometimes, I think he looks forward to receiving my handmade cards as much as his two sons!

I drew my inspiration for this card from Pinterest, and made only minor adjustments, one being adding a bit of bling!  All papers, including the cards base, were made from scraps.

I hope you will take time this week to create a masculine card for Kim's challenge.  At the end of this month, two names will be drawn at random from all the submissions to receive a $30 gift certificate for anything in the Stampotique website.  Rules for submission can be found here.

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Glad you stopped by!  My goal this month is to reach 200 followers.  A lofty goal?  Perhaps, but we are going to have a lot of fun getting there!  For instance, I am giving away a Stampotique Originals' stamp called "Heads."  It is by the well-known stamp designer Daniel Torrente.  I will ship to anywhere in the world, so all are welcome to participate with confidence! Here's the stamp:

Over the next few weeks, I will show you how Stampotique Designers' Challenge Design Team members, Stampotique Guest Designers, and those who follow that blog have used this stamp in their artwork.  Here's a wonderful example from Jools Robertson.  She has used "Heads" behind the chain link fence as the sports fans!

There is not much to do:
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  • In your comment below, tell me your favorite Stampotique Originals stamp (not necessary to own it)!
Easy as that!  I will announce the winner here on November 1--whether or not I reach my goal!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Wednesday is here, and another fun Stampotique Designers' Challenge has been posted, this one by Sue Davies.  Sue wants us to "get our spook on" and start creating now for Halloween!

I love Halloween and as a crafter it can never start early enough.  So, for the challenge this week, I am sneaking it in a week early.  I hope you have fun getting an early Spook on. Carol x

Last year was the first year I made Halloween cards--and it was because I was challenged to do it!  My cards were well received by my three grandchildren (but, in retrospect, it just might have been those $5 bills that were tucked inside!).  It seems I have started a new tradition, and find I am again in need of three spooky cards!

Here's the first:

I created my "card" on a piece of scrap corrugated cardboard, which I then attached to a Kraft card base.  The background stamp was embossed with black and marcasite (sparkly) embossing powers (combined), then dried with my heat tool.  This card includes the following Stampotique stamps:

Two more cards to make . . .

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It is called Heads, and is by well-known stamp designer Daniel Torrente.  I will mail to anywhere in the world, so all are welcome to participate!  

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Thursday, September 18, 2014


If you are looking for my STAMPOTIQUE post for this week, you will find it immediately below this post!

I am a follower of Seth Apter's blog called "The Altered Page," and have been following this blog for quite some time.  I am especially thrilled to be taking one of Seth's classes at Art-Is-You in Stamford, CT, next month!  However, today he is hosting a massive movement where artists post their studio tables "as is," not all cleaned up for a photo shoot.  So whether you create out of a suitcase, on your dining room table, or in a formal studio, SHOW US YOUR TABLE!  You can find directions for posting here.

In my defense, I need to share that my husband and I are both participating in a challenge called ALTERED PLAYING CARDS, and were both in my "attic studio" last Sunday.  After finishing our cards for last week and getting them scanned and online, we left all too quickly, leaving behind this mess!

I am blessed to have the entire third floor of our New England home as my studio space.  In addition to the anteroom, where I have a desk with my die cutting machine, a sewing table, and a bookcase where stamps and scrapbooks are stored, I have six 5' x 8' tables, plus three smaller tables in the main room for my computer, printers, coffee maker and, of course, journals!  I try to confine my messes to designated areas.  For instance, one for painting, another for spraying, etc., but I usually end up doing everything at "my" work table.  My husband contributes to the mess, as does my stepdaughter when she visits.  But, truth be told, most of this mess is all mine!

Interestingly, before I begin a new project, I take time to clean it all up.  Seriously, I have a definite need for a clean space in which to create.  In just a few minutes, I will be starting that process as I need a birthday card for Sunday!  So, Seth...and the's my studio table(s):

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The Stampotique Designers' Challenge has been posted, and it, indeed, will be a challenge for many!   The lovely Samantha Read is our hostess, and she and Poppy (her furry studio assistant) have this to say about that:
One of the beauties of Stampotique stamps is that there are 18 amazing artists designing our rubbery goodness and their images work so well together that it's great to use a lot of stamps for one project, and I often do.
So this week, I am challenging myself and inviting you, too, to use just one stamp . . . wondering off scratching head and rubbing chin . . . this is going to be SO hard to choose!! 
Most importantly, have fun, Sam x
I have another stamp that I had not yet used and, after thinking about less being more, decided to go big!  The stamp I have used for my card is called "Femme Collage," and measures a whopping 4-1/2" x 6"!  This single image (a compilation of many) makes an impressive card.  I added only a bit of a computer-generated sentiment, the world "courage."  I printed the word on the same paper as the background, then outlined it in black, and adhered it to the card with foam adhesive dots.

I appreciate your stopping by today.  Please do leave a comment so that I will know you were here!  I hope you will find some time this week to make something for the "single stamp" challenge.  Guidelines for participating and submitting your art can be found here.  At the end of the month, two names will be drawn from all the submissions and will each receive a $30 gift certificate toward anything in the Stampotique "store."  That lucky name could just be yours!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Sue Davis is directing the Stampotique Designers' Challenge this week, and it's all about animals or birds!  Give a listen:
Napoleon once said that the English are a nation of shopkeepers.  What he should have said is that we are a nation of animal lovers.  Nearly everyone I know has got a cat or dog, a pet rabbit or bird, and I know that my Stampotique teamies have their pets too.  So, this week we're celebrating fur and feathers, and I challenge you to create something with either animals or birds. Put your best paw forward and bring it on.  Have fun!
My Super Dog Jake has given me permission to go with wings and feathers, so I checked out my ever-growing collection of Stampotique Originals and was spotted by this pair of "Bold Birds" (pun intended!).

I used patterned paper for my ATC base, and printed my quote directly onto the paper using my computer.  (I failed to give credit for the quote, so will let you know it is by Morrie Schwartz.)  For a bit of added texture, I used France Papillon's "Design Cube" in the background.

Thank you for coming by again today!  I appreciate both your visits and your comments.  I hope you will spend some time getting crafty this week and create something for this fun challenge.  Directions and rules for submitting your artwork can be found here.  At the end of the month, two artists will be randomly selected to receive $30 gift certificates for products found in the Stampotique "store."


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


A fun-of-a-kind challenge from Kaz Boughton at Stampotique Designers' Challenge this week!  Here's what she has to say to inspire us:
Refresh it!  Use one of your older stamps that you've not used for a while and give it a new lease of life!
There was no question about which stamp I would use today because "Mary" was the first member of the Stampotique Originals family to take up residence in my studio.  Admittedly, I do seem to have a lot of "favorites," but Mary truly retains that honor in reality!

Stampotique Stamps I have used on this tag:

Although Mary is unique, her presentation can still vary.  Here are a couple of "other" Mary's from my archives:

Thank you for coming by again today!  I appreciate both your visits and your comments.  I hope you will spend some time getting crafty this week and create something for this fun challenge.  Directions and rules for submitting your artwork can be found here.  At the end of the month, two artists will be randomly selected to receive $30 gift certificates for products found in the Stampotique "store."


Thursday, August 28, 2014


If you are looking for my Stampotique project for this week, it's right below this one!

My friend and uber talented Stampotique teammate Claudine Criner will be leading an online workshop she is calling THE ALTERED PLAYING CARD CHALLENGE...and it's FREE! Over the next 6 months, starting September 1, Claudine will be sharing techniques, tricks, tips and tutorials on how to alter a simple deck of 52 playing cards into fun pieces of art. She will walk us through the process, doing two cards a week, so there will be no pressure. We will create as we go--together!
NON-ARTSY FOLKS are encouraged to join in, as you will need only the very basics of art supplies. This project will be a fun way to "get your feet wet" if you have a desire to get crafty but don't know where to begin.
Check out Claudine's blog for the details here.
I will be there...will you?