Sunday, November 18, 2012


No need to use Gesso to "prime" your art journal page when using this background cleverly created with masking tape!  Just tear small strips (1 to 2 inches in length) and overlap to cover your entire page.  This creates a great texture!  What's next is up to you, but I used orange and blue acrylic paint to cover my page. I cut my silhouette from a magazine, then used several stamps and black ink to add a bit of interest.  I also used white acrylic paint on a stamp for that "bubble wrap" look.  A snippet from the dictionary and computer-generated title and I was done!  Here is the result:

For those who have missed me, I have been recuperating from a complex spine surgery.  I have always believed that art is healing, so I have now added some creativity into the healing mix!

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  1. I am so glad to see you feeling well enough to return to your studio.

  2. Hi Kay. I had missed you on Art Jornaling also. Hope you post this piece there. It's great. Glad to see you up and creating again.

  3. Hi Kay, I am so happy that you are back again, I missed you very much! I thought of you often and hoped everything will go best.
    Good that you have your art - I think as well, that art can help healing...
    Your journal page looks really good!!

    Ciao Beate

  4. I have missed you. My computer died and then I lost my email.... So glad you posted so I can follow you again. I will be praying for healing as you recuperate.

    Great journal page! I love the background.

  5. have missed you Kay. Hope all is well! love the texture and colour in your page.

  6. Ah Kay... I didn't know you were having surgery. Hope that you are feeling better and I agree with you Art is Healing :D I am so loving your work. I have tried these but I just cant get into it. I cant just make a mess I have to have it all planned out and perfect....:( I am going to persevere if Eniko and get me to do artsy page I CAN DO THIS TOO :D Missing you at Let's Scrap xx

    1. Your artsy layout was amazing & I think your creativity has really been blossoming, Val! For Art Journaling, don't think of an audience, just think of it as self-expression for yourself & I do think it is immensely healing!

  7. Hey Kay! I hope you are healing quickly. This is a beautiful page and love how you cut out Leonardo! ;) The background is very cool. So glad that you posted this-I have missed you! :) Get well soon!

  8. Hi Kay, I'm glad to here you are feeling better. I have missed you and all your lovely comments on my blog. Take good care of you my friend!

  9. Gosh Kay, I wondered why I haven't seen glad to hear that you're OK! Golly, the news about Betty Anne must have been such a shock for you! Great page! Glad to see you're making art again! (Love Leonardo!)

  10. Glad you are back! Hope the paint helps your body heal quickly! I have found are to be amazing when it comes to getting healthy and strong. I love how you did the silhouette here! And the texture! Oh- I love your texture!

  11. Kay - I am so glad to be receiving your blog emails once again. I too, have had a really difficult time, being in the hospital for an acute asthma attack and coming home with oxygen. I am so glad you are doing well and able to encourage and motivate us!!! Maybe now I will get on with my journal...Dee


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