Sunday, February 24, 2013


Last night, my husband, my 17-year-old stepdaughter and I gathered in my "art loft" (fancy for attic craft space).  We each did our own thing, yet spent time together as a family!  We laughed, we talked, we created--ok, so Russ was playing computer games, but, in his defense, they, too, were "creative" games!

I actually created three pieces of art, one with a dual purpose.  The first was to answer the Design Team challenge for this week.  Details are here, but basically, the challenge is to incorporate text into your art.  I chose to use a stamp with old fashioned script rather than text taken from pages of an old book or an out-dated dictionary because it fit better with the second purpose!

The second purpose was to create a postcard to mail to Jane Davies, owner of the one-room post office that serves the small town of Rupert, Vermont.  Jane feels her post office may be at risk for closure, so she has come up with The Postcard Project to increase the volume of mail both passing into and out of her post office.  You can read about the details of this great project here on Jane's blog, but, in a nutshell, you send Jane an artsy postcard, she sends you one back!  Jane is a collage artist, painter, writer and teacher when not in the post office.

Here's the postcard I am sending Jane and also entering into the Stampotique Design Team challenge this week:

You can see the text stamp next to one of my favorite Stampotique images (this one is called "Girl With a Heart Purse"--although you can't see her purse the way I used it).

I also used this same Stampotique image to create another project, which is a piece of art created on a piece of torn corrugated paper.  This is going to a very dear friend of mine with whom I used to work before my retirement!  I hope you love it, G!

My third project is a fun tag, which I will share on another post.  So, thanks for stopping by my blog!  Please take a moment to JOIN if you have not already done so.  There is also an option for you to "follow by e-mail," so you will receive a notice when I update my blog.

Joy to you!


  1. Hi Kay,
    thanks for your stories! Your card is really nice!!! And the project of Jane seems to be very interesting but the link does not work...Can you proove it?

    Have a nice rest Sunday

    1. All set, Beate. The link is now working! Thanks for your interest!

  2. Hello Kay, I see two really nice crafty projects using this lovely stamp I don't have !!! Very clever works !! and cool to read a little about you and your "art loft" ! Coco xx

  3. THANKS, Kay! I look forward to getting your card. My post office may actually survive, since we have indeed increased the volume of mail significantly. Keep it up, and the postal powers that be will HAVE to keep it open. They only review it once a year, so keep the cards coming.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time with the family creating...that's really awesome! The only one that ever comes and creates with me is Joe...and then he draws and sticks and paints! I love those precious little moments!!! Love the idea of the Postcard project and I have an idea to perhaps send one too! Love yours! Love you card too..I am sure your friend will love it! ;-)

  5. I think that is a fabulous way to spend family time together. I love the things you created. I think I will give it a go...

  6. Wonderful work Kay, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and thank you so much also for joining in with us at Stampotique this week xx

  7. Love your projects Kay, and how wonderful that you all spent this time together! Thanks for joining us at the Stampotique Designers Challenge!

  8. Kay.... I love this... and the story of getting the fam together to create is wonderful. Thanks for Sharing your sunning work with us at Stampotique Designers Challenge.
    Hope to see you again real soon.


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