Friday, March 8, 2013


Artists generally use photos when they are creating a scrapbook layout.  Art journalists generally use images when creating a journal page.  But, the two techniques are not mutually exclusive!  In the case of today's post, I have taken a "sepia" photo and further aged it by applying distress ink (Antique Linen) to the torn edges, then "pushing" the color onto the photo itself.  

Although I am 100% pleased with the finished page, the fun in creating this particular journal page was working with a photo of my daughter's friend Lorie and her son Maddox, and in the process of collecting elements and arranging them on my page, while allowing this beautiful photograph to command center stage.  Take a look:

Thanks for stopping by today.  That, in addition to your comments, makes me happy!

Joy to you!


  1. A wonderful page, Kay!! Everything, the background, the foto and the quote - and how all this become to "one". Its funny - I just posted my new page, and it is made with fotos like yours, nevertheless it is made complete different. Journaling is great!!
    I wish you a nice weekend

  2. Kay, this is absolutely awesome. Just love the background, the embellies and everything else. Great job.

  3. This is a great vintage page Kay, really wonderful... and the photo and the sentiment are great too !... In french j'adore !!! And I agree with you that Art journaling and scrapbooking are not exclusive ! Good week-end Kay, hugs

  4. I like how you used your type in this as well Kay....It makes you go in and focus to read the words. Cute Mom and son. xox

  5. Oh this is wonderful Kay, this photograph fits in so well with the background xx

  6. STUNNING Kay! I am in Love with the background and the photo you picked, makes the whole page just awesome! ♥♥♥


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