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This week, Stampotique Design Team Challenge hostess is Valerie, and she loves the idea of using every day objects for art.  She would like us to try creating an artful project that incorporates an envelope - any shape or size, new or used. You can flip, fold, score, tear, ink, paint, stamp, doodle, embellish or keep it clean and simple.

So, let's have some PRACTICAL fun!

When the recipients of your holiday, birthday or "just because" gifts are really young, it's pretty easy to shop for them. Just hit the toy store and pick out an "age appropriate" gift! It's just that simple. However, when the children and grandchildren start getting a bit older--and more particular, the once-fun job of shopping for a gift often becomes a bit of a chore. So, for many of us, we resort to giving a gift card.

I have found several creative ways of incorporating a gift card into a hand-made greeting card, but none as fun as this approach. The directions are simple, and you will use only your basic tools. However, there is one rule that cannot be broken: you may only use scraps. You may NOT, under ANY circumstances, cut up full-size sheets of paper!

Here we go!  First, my completed project (a housewarming card) for the Stampotique envelope challenge, then the directions.

Outside (stamp designed by France Papillon and sold here by Stampotique Originals)

Inside (heart stamp designed by France Papillon and sold here by Stampotique Originals)
How to Create the Gift Card Envelope!
I have found the perfect size envelope for this job to be a 5-3/4" wide envelope, which, when folded vertically in half creates a pocket that is just the right size for the gift card. The ones I use are from DCWV.

The first steps are all done with the back of the envelope facing you.

  • Using your centering ruler, and with the envelope flap in the closed position, find the center of the envelope and mark it with a pencil at the top.
  • Now, using the scoring blade on your paper trimmer, score the envelope down the center several times, applying a pretty heavy pressure.
  • Open the envelope flap and cut it in half vertically to the fold line (A).
  • Fold the left flap down and seal (B).
  • Trim 1" off the flap on the right (C).

Shaping the card
  • Trim the left side of the remaining flap to duplicate the angle on the right; round both corners (D).
  • Close flap (do not seal) and fold envelope in half vertically along the scored line. Adhere a 15" length of 1/4" ribbon along the midsection, gluing it in place on both the front and back sides of the envelope (E). I have found a glue runner to be just a bit too wide, so I apply glue from a Zig Memory System 2- Way Glue Chisel Tip directly onto the ribbon. To accomplish this, I wrap the ribbon around the envelope and use a pencil to mark a "glue line" on the inside of the ribbon. When your project is complete and you have placed your gift card in the pocket, tie up the loose ends of the ribbon into a bow.
  • Choose four scraps of coordinated paper and cut each 2-3/4" x 4-1/4" (F).

The creative stuff 
  • Using a round punch, take a bite out of the piece of paper you will use for the front of your card insert (G). If you don't have a punch, just cut a V shape with your scissors.
  • Stamp all sentiments (handwriting works, too) before you adhere your paper to the envelope (H).
  • Adhere front, back and center pieces of paper to the envelope (I), leaving the top of the pocket open. I generally use a pretty plain paper for the back so that I can use my "handmade with love" stamp on it. Also, at this point, if I have enough scraps of paper, I will cover the front or both the front and back of the newly-created flap over the card pocket. The easiest way to do this is to trace the flap on your scrap and cut it out. Once you have adhered the scraps to the flap, you can trim away any irregularities.
  • Cut another scrap of paper for the front of the card (2-1/4" x 3-3/4") and decorate it for the occasion (J). I like to use pop-dots under this smaller piece to give some depth to the front of the card. Another advantage of using pop-dots here is that it will allow you to use a brad without the prongs causing an unwanted bump.

Thanks for dropping by. If you are visiting for the first time, please take time to join as a follower. Let me know if you have any questions.  OK, go forth and create! 


  1. Thanks for sharing how your 'envelope' card is made, looks brilliant and a great way to add a giftcard.

  2. These look fab Kay, I love how you have decorated your envelopes. Good to have you joining in with us again at Stampotique Designers Challenges. Sue xx

  3. What a brilliant tutorial and your envelope card is stunning. Thank you for joining in with us over at Stampotique Polly x

  4. great tutorial Kay and love your envie :)

  5. These are just great Kay, love your mini envelope tutorial....xox

  6. This is just fabulous Kay and such a good idea for money or a give card. I am going to try and mark this so I can find it again easily. You have been so quiet I was worried about you. I hope that your sister is also ok after her surgery. <3

  7. Wow, this is very cool! Love the directions of it and how this turned out. Great job with the envie challenge and thanks for playing with us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge.

  8. At first thank you Kay for this great and brilliant tutorial !!! You must know now how I love such tutorial, really well explained, and so pleasant to read ! And as result, great card in its envelope yeah !! Your card is really cute too... :) Hugs, Coco

  9. I love love love the envelope card. I also like the idea of using just scraps. I think I need to pick one day a week and only use scraps, I have tons of them. BTW thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog ;)

  10. Brilliant! Love the envelope card! I sure have enough scraps, around, to do this :)

    Have a joyous weekend! xxoo Marilyn

  11. my turn to copy you, Kay: that tutorial is brilliant and i will be using it! makes such cute gift envelopes!


    ps: thanks for the mention, so appreciated! :)

  12. What a fun stuff! Love the whole idea Kay! Thanks for joining us again at the Stampotique DC

  13. This is fabulous Kay, thanks for the easy to follow tutorial too! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique again x

  14. Brilliant, Kay! Wonderful tutorial too! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Stampotique this week!
    Val :)

  15. Wow! Superb idea Kay, perfect for the challenge. Thank you for joining us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge.

  16. Love it......Kay So Creative and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your creations with us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge.

  17. I LOVE this idea! Not only are your cards beautiful, but they're such a clever way to wrap gift cards. Blessings!


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