Saturday, February 20, 2016

ART FROM THE MAIN HOUSE: Sunday Postcard Art Challenge (02-21-16)

I am again privileged to host the Sunday Postcard Art challenge. I decided to shake things up a bit and choose a possibly controversial theme--NUDITY. One can take a variety of paths that lead to this theme--from the innocent to the Victorian to the erotic. For my examples, I have chosen one from each of these areas.

The first begins with a free digital image from a site called freubels-freebies. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11, I changed the colored image to black and white and printed it onto 4x6" glossy photo paper on my computer printer. I created the text in Word, then printed it on top of my black and white photo. I used a Sharpie to add just a bit of yellow.

The second postcard is a photo I took recently with my cell phone. It is the wallpaper in the Ladies Room at the Carriage House Restaurant in Rye, New Hampshire.  It couldn't have been more simple.

Recently, my friend Gail Tasker from Norway sent me a beautiful handmade Christmas card which included some "happy mail."  The stamp I have used here (from Artistic Stamper) was among Gail's gifts.  The text used I cut from a book called The Age of Ideas which was given to me by my sister when she downsized her personal library.

I hope you enjoyed my artful creations today and will find some time this week to play along with this postcard challenge.

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  1. Love all 3 of these Kay,especially the last one. How brave of you to pick that topic interesting to see what type of entries you get lol
    Donna xxx

  2. All of these are fabulous. I especially like the third one, using the book text looks so cool! xxx

  3. All three are beautiful expressions and each so unique Kay!

  4. Wow, Kay! Three very different styles, and all are fantastic! Great work. (I had a hard enough time just coming up with one piece for this challenge.)

  5. You've fantastically used the three different objects and crested great own art from them. Love all.
    Thank you for being my blog follower, Kay.

  6. A Fabulous trio of postcards, Kay for your 'controversial' theme. All very clever ways of using the classic monochrome tones . Though I love all three its the first one that really draws me - those little touches of yellow , along with the imagery and sentiment really make me 'Awwwww!' . Reminds me of an image I posted to my FB wall of a little girl painting a field of flowers picking the odd one or two out to be yellow .
    Happy Sunday
    hugs Amanda x

  7. These are fantastic Kay. Love the little pops of yellow on the first one and third one. So pleased you liked the stamp and I love how you rotated the book text. I will have to revisit that stamp. It will be very interesting to see the entries for your challenge. I hope lots of people give it a go. Maybe I should take my own advice...... Hugz

  8. Great all. Love that you photoed in the loo!!! Ha Ha. xox

  9. Fabulous Kay!!!!!
    Love love the first one... wow. But all your ideas and next samples are also great!
    and your theme is very interesting too. Really regret to not have much much time to do many other things I would love to!!!!!!! :D
    Mwah! Gros bisous! :)

  10. Wait wait wait! You just blew my mind with this last one. Did you stamp on the text and the text shows through? or did you somehow cut out the stamp image? Either way, it's an amazing image.

    1. I actually stamped the image onto the book text. A lot of "ink space" on that stamp, huh? Glad you liked it!


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