Sunday, March 5, 2017

ART FROM THE ROAD: Take A Word Art Challenge (02-26-17)

CHILDHOOD is the challenge for Take A Word and I have used a photo from about 1950 of my sister and me as the focal point of my artwork. The rest was simple--a leftover piece of scrapbook paper!

Find some time this week to make some art! It's cheaper than therapy!

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  1. So cute and you have created a wonderful background what a treasure.

  2. What a treasur photo, adore it, Kay!
    Great job.
    Have a happy day xx

  3. Love, love that photo - it doesn't need any further embellishment. Delightful!
    Alison x

  4. Love the photo! And the background makes it stand out so perfectly! Hope you still see new things to enjoy! Hugs, Gerrina

  5. You both look really happy, do you remember the event or day? A perfect photo for this theme, Kay!

  6. Love this - the photo is delightful and the background just perfect for it!

  7. Those were the days! Great spread, I wish I would take the time to do this with old photos, very nicely done Kay.

  8. Such a precious keepsake Kay, lovely art :)


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