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I find myself looking forward to Wednesdays each week.  While I often create on other days of the week, Wednesday is the Stampotique Designers Challenge!  Each week, a member of the Stampotique Design Team hosts the challenge, each trying just a little harder to make us think outside of the box, to step outside of our "comfort zone."  This week, Belgium's France Papillon is pushing the envelope!  Here is her challenge:
It's a double happy Wednesday today, as i get to host this week's Stampotique Designer challenge! I hope you're ready to join the fun :)))
Don't you just love all the details on Stampotique stamps? The best way to realize just how detailed they are is... by trimming them! And that's our challenge this week: i'd like you to use (at least) 3 trimmed stamped images!
Up to you to use 3 times the same image or 3 different ones, to use them on a tag, a card, an altered object, ... I hope you find this as relaxing as i do!
Not sure that I found this process "relaxing," France, but I did find it fun!  I created this project in my 6"x9" art journal.  I began by selecting a background paper and adhering it directly to my journal. The main image that I wanted to use is called "The Crafter."  What I did will sound a bit complicated, but it was actually quite simple when taken one step at a time.  I think if you look at the end result, you will be able to follow along more easily, so here she is:

  • Stamp on cardstock and cut off the head and upper torso of The Crafter (now referred to as "main image") to use as a mask.
  • Place the mask on your page where your final image will rest.
  • Use the "heart" stamp and stamp (red StazOn ink) over the mask.
  • Place a bit of tape over the scissors (in her right hand on the actual stamp) and ink up The Crafter.  
  • Remove the tape and stamp (black StazOn ink) onto your journal page.
  • Ink up the full image on cardstock; cut out, omitting arms at the elbows.
  • Adhere this image over the main image already stamped on your page (arms from the first image will show behind this new one).
  • Using the "pen" stamp, tape off the long "squiggle" and ink up (black StazOn ink) the stamp.
  • Remove tape and stamp the pen image near the right hand of the main image and, using a thin Sharpie pen, draw her fingers to reach the pen.
  • Stamp the pen image again on cardstock, cut out the pen omitting the clip (it will show through from the one you already stamped); adhere over the pen image on your page.
  • Stamp (red StazOn ink) the "heart" stamp again on cardstock, then cut out one heart and adhere over the black heart in her left hand.  Draw in her thumb and fingers to grasp the red heart.
  • Stamp the sentiment under your main image.
  • Stamp the small journal above it.
  • Stamp the small journal image on cardstock, cut it out and place it on "pop dots" over the stamped image on your page.
  • Date your work!

I agree, it sounds complicated now that I look at it, but, believe me, it took much longer to write this than to actually create my journal page!  The point to this challenge is so you know how to "fussy cut" an image omitting intricate parts like the pen clip.  Stamping first on your main page and then placing your cut-out image over it (either directly on the paper or on pop dots) allows the tiniest detail to show through from below.  A great technique to learn!!  Thanks, France!

Stampotique stamps used (find them here):

  • The Crafter (designers Daniel Torrente and Jill Penney)
  • Daniel's Hearts (designer Daniel Torrente)
  • When Heart Speaks (designer France Papillon)
  • Writing Pen (designer Daniel Torrente)
  • Tools Cube for journal stamp (designer Daniel Torrente)

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Joy to you!


  1. Sounds complicated to me but the result is sure sweet! xox

  2. oooh love your take on the challenge Kay: what a great idea to give our crafter a pen instead of cissors! thanks for playing along with us :)))

    ps: and thanks for ALL your sweet words!

  3. Wow Kay this is fabulous, I kept reading a bit then looking at the picture then reading a bit more lol and it all made sense! I'm glad you enjoy our challenges, and it's great to have you join in. Sue xx

  4. I love your interpretation of this challenge. Very creative - love your results! xxoo

  5. LOL Kay ... I will confess right now that I understood zip on the process (despite knowing what every single one of those words mean too! lol) ... but the end result is brilliant. Its so whimsical and fun ... just love it!

  6. Really Well done... Kay. It all came together nicely-

  7. It's lovely; Kay!! And had a look at stampotique after having seen your page...I really would like to see your 3X9 art journal. How do you manage it to have "thick" pages in it? I mean if you put a background paper on it, it must become thicker and thicker... How do you handle it?
    Best, Beate

    1. Hi, Beate, my 6x9 journal is just a spiral-bound watercolor journal, but I use it for lots of different media. It actually is not that thick...well, so far!!

  8. Kay I really love this one... I am going to hop over and check out some of the stamps :D I played yesterday when I had no power ... I loaded them on to my FB album called Art Journal if you want to take a look... The more I play the more I enjoy :D I want to try something like this one...

  9. beautiful and very creative,love this!

  10. What a great challenge! Truthfully, you lost me at the first bullet, but thankfully, you got me back with the fussy-cutting statement! Very cool technique... I love watching your art journaling evolving as it has! Your inner artist has really emerged, Kay! Hugs!

  11. Great creation, I love that you date stamped it...I need to do that with the back of my cards-awesome idea! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me but more so for playing with us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge each week-so glad you love it!

  12. I love the simplicity of this page and the stamps you used (love them !!!...). Really beautiful page Kay, and it's a true pleasure to discover at the same time several gorgeous creations from you in Stampotique...! :) Have a good week-end, Coco xxx

  13. This is great! Love the image you used, and the way you did the whole page! And, yes... perfect saying, too! :)

  14. Love this....and absolutely adore the sentiment! Fabulous!


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