Saturday, January 16, 2016

ART FROM THE MAIN HOUSE: Sunday Postcard Art Challenge (01-17-16)

Mandy Chilvers is the owner of the Sunday Postcard Art site and today also serves as our challenge host. She has chosen FIRE/FLAMES as the theme.

The fire image I have used was found on Pinterest and is credited to DeviantArt. I don't dabble much in digital art, so this was a fun "make" for me this week. I printed the image on both a 4x6" index card and glossy photo paper. Both had good qualities, but I like the glossy finish (here) better.

The quote I have used is by Michelle K. and is both short and simple, but I think speaks volumes.

Thanks for visiting today and for taking a moment to leave a message so that I will know you were here.  I hope you will find some time this week to play with us at Sunday Postcard Art.



  1. Wow, this is fantastic, Kay! I love the background and the woman blends in perfectly. Great words.

  2. Fabulous layering this is just gorgeous...bravo!

  3. Fabulous layering this is just gorgeous...bravo!

  4. This is stunning Kay and I love the sentiment,makes you stop and think which is a good thing!
    Donna xxx

  5. I LOVE this piece, Kay - both the image and the quote speak volumes to me too. I've lived through a house fire and it turned my in a totally different direction...built from it indeed.

  6. Fabulous, Kay! I love the words and the image is perfect! Bravo

  7. Fiery make indeed. Great image to start with. xox

  8. Oh Kay, I've just taken the time (for the first time I must confess, and it's a shame, also a mistake!...) to look at this blog of Sunday's postcards... This is a great one!!!
    I've seen many wonderful mixed media art and endless inspirational postcards, among them yours!
    I can't promise I will enter very often; but from to time, I will think about that!!
    Your card today is wonderfully inspired... Love both the image and the quote you chose, so perfect and true :)

  9. That's a stunning image and a perfect and powerful quote. A very striking postcard. Regarding your comment about never too much cake. I have posted a picture on my latest blog post so do feel free to decide for yourself. I think family parties are always well endowed with cake. For which I am grateful. Hugz

  10. What a stunning image, and so powerful paired with those wonderful words. Love this.
    Alison xx

  11. Yep I agree with you so striking. Love that you think outside the box. I would never have thought of that.

  12. Superbly powerful image and quote - have to agree , it speaks volumes .
    hugs x


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