Thursday, September 22, 2016

ART FROM THE CAMPGROUND: Sunday Postcard Art (09-18-16)

Deann is hosting the Sunday Postcard Art challenge this week. Her very timely theme is HARVEST MOON!

I chose to use my harvest moon for a theme more on the serious side. When September arrives, we all think about school--whether we ourselves are returning to school or sending off our children. While, in most cases, this is a very happy and exciting time of year, a very serious problem when school reopens (although not limited to the school calendar) is one of bullying. It is so much more on my heart this year as someone I love is being bullied. I hope each of you reading this will take the time to talk to the children in your lives about bullying and what they can do to help someone who is being bullied.

For my postcard, I chose an image of a harvest moon from the free online Google images.  I printed it onto glossy photo paper so that the moon would be shiny, then punched it out and adhered it to black cardstock cut to 4" x 6". I stamped the Stampotique image "Little Friends" directly onto the moon. The quote I used is one by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919):

With every deed
You are sowing a seed,
Though the harvest
You may not see.

Come play! You have until Saturday to join in the fun. You are free to interpret the Harvest Moon theme any way you like as long as it uses a 4" x 6" (postcard size) format. Details here.

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  1. Oh Kay, I'm so sorry to hear about the bullying. It's a horrible thing whether it's a child or an adult that is being bullied, and I know that there are no easy answers. Your postcard is lovely though, really unusual, and very striking xx

  2. I love your card Kay, so beautiful and striking! Your Moon image is perfect on Glossy paper, what a great idea!
    And I will take time to speak to my girls about bullying... This is so sad. I hope things will arrange quickly for the child you love and who is (or has been) victim of that awful behaviour.
    A big hug to you my lovely friend... Take care, Mwah!

  3. Your post is so meaningful ! Kay. I love how striking it is not only with the rich warming colours coupled with the black but also with its underlying message.
    So sorry that one of your loved ones is going through such a harrowing experiencing. My thoughts and prayers are with them .
    hugs x

  4. Kay,
    this is beautiful and the children as the focus with the phrase is perfect!
    I am so sorry for the person in your life that is going through this- such a sad way the youth is acting these days. Tell your person to hang in there and know there is love in this world,just not always right in front of you "(
    sending love and wishes for strength
    Jackie xx

  5. What a gorgeous postcard, Kay - I love that brilliant orange against the rich dark background. So suitable for the theme!

  6. A shiny moon! Just like for real! And the color is gorgeous. Using the friends stamp and the sentiment are perfect. Your message too is perfect. Bullying is tragic. I can't help but think with children, the one doing the bullying is having a troubled life that no one else sees. But we don't seem to be looking at the situation in that direction. The victim child is, of course, our first concern, but the bully needs our help too. We don't want the bully to just change victims, we should want to help the bully with his/her problems too. Best of luck to you and your loved ones.

  7. A great postcard, and with such a meaningful message. I cannot understand why bullying has become a problem in our schools. If only the bullies could be gathered in a class and taught the long-lasting result of their actions.

  8. I can relate to how you feel, my grandson was bullied at school and the powers that be turned a blind eye until something serious happened....
    You postcard is stunning the image of the children..x


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