Tuesday, August 23, 2016

ART FROM THE CAMPGROUND: Sunday Postcard Art (08-21-16)

Mandy Chilvers, the owner of the Sunday Postcard Art challenge website, is hosting this week with CHOCOLATE as the theme. 

I have never really been as much of a fan of chocolate as most of my girlfriends, though I must say that I do have a fondness for Snickers and, of course, chocolate syrup! The chocolate syrup won the background over a picture of a Snickers bar, however!

I was drawn immediately to this quote as I searched for just the right words to describe chocolate. I would add "guilty pleasure" to this list. Perhaps that is why I added "Tinglyitchiness" (from Stampotique Originals) to my postcard. He appears a bit of a devil tempting us, don't you think?

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  1. Lovely delicious card and a great quote. Chocolate is all that‼
    Have a happy Time ❤

  2. Yummy postcard and great word....well done.

  3. Yummy postcard and great word....well done.

  4. Boy is that a perfect quote, does look like you dripped this in real chocolate, the color is perfect. xox

  5. Mmmm ...... chocolate!!! No more to say, really LOL!!!

  6. Hahaha, fabulous postcard Kay!!!
    Loving both the quote, tempting Tinglyitchiness (so well found!), and like you, snickers more than chocolate! :D

  7. Love this Kay, I must admit I am a chocolate lover, but not in Summer, I can't stand warm/melted chocolate. Weird uh!

  8. Oh goodness - now I have to dig into my stash, and it's WAY too early in the morning for that! You are a BAD influence, Kay, although it's just gorgeous!!

  9. Fabulous! Kay - a real chocolate lovers treat .I think I must be tinglyitchiness's best friend ;) Hugs x


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