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I am continuing to learn about art journaling and, today, am introducing another stencil into my journal.  But, let's back up a bit.  I made a trip to Hobby Lobby, a first for me!  I have long heard others around the country saying, "I got it at Hobby Lobby!"  Like I should know what that is.  I can talk Michaels and I can talk JoAnn and I can talk ACMoore, but Hobby Lobby?  Nope!  An aside here, Hobby Lobby is a Christian-based company and is not open on Sundays, which makes this cartoon fit nicely into this blog post!

I am not now sure how I found out Hobby Lobby had opened a store in New Hampshire--last Thanksgiving!  But, my husband loves road trips and eating out, so I suggested we scout out Manchester, New Hampshire, for a cool breakfast place and then nonchalantly mentioned that I wanted to make a side trip!  (Crafty, huh?)  Well, over $100 later, and not having seen the whole store, it was time to go home and get to my scrap loft (fancy talk for third floor scrap room)!

Back to the present!  First, the big reveal, then the steps I took to get there:

I first removed my art journal page from my spiral-bound book--a simple procedure where I use my scissors to carefully snip between the bindings and remove the page.  It's much easier to work on pages in "the flat" as I call it, rather than trying to work on a page while still in the book!  Next, I Gesso'd my page (you knew I was going to say that, right?).  I adhered a piece of patterned paper with a bit of text in the background onto my page.  Then, I eagerly opened up the 12x12 package containing my new stencil, placed it upon my journal page and began to paint with my stipple brush.  Stipple brushes are used when I want to "pounce" my paint into a stencil.  (Do I not sound quite knowledgeable?)  

It really looks quite a mess at this point, but have patience!  Remember the thrifty technique that I previously shared?  As you can see, there remains a lot of paint on the top of the stencil that really shouldn't go to waste.  I take the juicy wet paint and press it onto a blank page in my journal waiting for attention at a later time.  

OK, here's where we are now:
At this point, I am not too sure where I am going, except that I know I have a stamp that deals with time and know I want to use it:

I am thinking that using the whole stamp is going to make this page *way* too busy, so I decide to use only the first sentence.  I used tape to block the first line of the second sentence, then inked up my stamp with StazOn black ink.  I remove the tape and stamp onto my page:

A less than desirable impression has me disappointed, but after an "ah-ha" moment, I grab a black Flair pen and trace over the script!  Sometimes, I just amaze myself!  ;-)

Next step is to walk away for about 3 days--there are several reasons why!  (1) the paint is not yet dry, (2) the ink is not yet dry, and, most importantly, (3) I had several other things to do!  I finally found a few moments today to touch the paint, then the ink to find them both dry.  While I pondered what to do next, I decided "nothing" might be the right option!  I am a simple person at heart and, most often, find that when I try to overwork something I end up with a disaster.  One final element, I thought.  I then found just the perfect add-on--a Jolee sticker which promised to add a special touch of nostalgia and charm to my creative project!!

I enjoyed using this stencil and think it a good investment that I will use again and again!

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  1. I love Hobby Lobby! I use to live near one but I moved. I like your stencil! It is easy to drop a 100 bucks in that store.


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