Thursday, July 26, 2012


What a fun page this was to create!  I recently purchased one of the newest pads of paper from my most favorite manufacturer, Graphic45.  It's called "A Ladies' Diary" and includes a lot of old fashioned images and patterns.  Here, I have used one paper for my background, layering the (rectangular) image of the woman on top.  I "fussy cut" her hands away from the surrounding area...not easy, I might mention, cutting out those fingers!  First, let me show you my completed art journal page, then I will share the steps and elements I used to create it:

On a recent trip to my local scrapbooking store (Absolutely Everything in Topsfield, MA), I was delighted to find that they are recognizing the growing number of art "journalers," and are adding many products and elements just for us!!  I was able to buy some of Christy Tomlinson's rub-ons which I added in the bottom right-hand corner:

I also used brown ink and a circle stamp by Ditto randomly around the page to add further texture (see full image above).  Next came the journaling part of my art journal page.  As part of the pad of paper, there came some text, but it was too large for me to use on my page.  I chose to computer-generate the text for my page and printed the quote (author unknown) in brown ink on cream card stock.  Then, I fussy cut around the letters to add a bit of interest:

For balance in my text, I simply divided the word "saying" and placed the text strips on either side of the lady's right hand.  I love how it looks!

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  1. The more I see "A Ladies Diary" the more I want it! This is a lovely journal page! Your fussy cutting looks great!

    1. Thanks, Carol! The nice thing is that I had a $20 coupon, so the G45 pad was free! Of course, I bought other stuff, too. That always happens to me! ;-)

  2. Hi Kay this is na gorgeous page. Love the well dressed lady. Beautiful work.
    Lovely greet

  3. I love your word "fussy cut". I am joining your followers. Here is the address for my blog. Would love to see your picture in my follower group.

  4. This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. love it Kay....beautifully done!

  6. I was here! Love your new blog. Looking forward to learning from you as I journey into the world of art journaling!

  7. Hi Kay,
    a good idea to make your blog and show the way you create your pages. I like to chare the "how to do", it's so inspiring.
    And I like this well-dressed woman as well, and the way you put the words on it. Well done!

  8. I love the vintage feel of your pages!


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