Tuesday, July 17, 2012


(transferred from kaywallacescrapbooking.blogspot.com, dated 4-6-2012)

I have wanted to make an art journal for quite a while, and have been searchingPinterest (yep, am addicted!) for pages others have created.  Yesterday, I actually bought a blank spiral-bound book that I will use for this journal.  I chose this book because I can lay it flat to work on the pages.  Inspired by my purchase of this book (along with a few tubes of acrylic paint and some foam brushes), I began my journey today to create a place to dabble in art, but, perhaps more importantly, to record some of my favorite quotes and personal thoughts on living this wonderful life with which I have been blessed.

I don't plan to share how each page was constructed (but will if you leave a question as a comment), but just want to share my pages with you.  Although this is not technically page 1 of the book (I randomly opened the book and started there), it is my first "entry."  The inspiration for this page comes from the fact that, today, I greatly regret giving up sewing as a young woman.

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