Friday, December 7, 2012


It seems during the holidays, for most of us, our worries come in numbers.  We ponder the number of calories in those traditional sweet treats.  We dread the resultant weight gain.  We try to budget our gift purchases.  And then, in the end, we worry about having enough time to get everything done.

I have found that getting your worries down on paper, whether in the written word or a more "artsy" form, helps get those worries under control.  Here is my attempt to find some relief.

Again, this is a very simple art journal page.  One layer of acrylic paint lightened a bit using a baby wipe. A numbers stamp upon a face cut from a magazine.  The face was then framed by adding a bit of white Gesso.  Then stickers and a Sharpie pen to create the "worries."

Thanks for stopping by and Happy holidays!


  1. Kay, this is a clever way to get your worries written down and for you to ponder over the next few months. The question then will be, were these worth worrying about? Great idea! Maybe I'll scraplift your idea so as to get my worries checked and under control. Lovely work of art.

  2. Great job with this page!'s so true! :)

  3. What a brilliant idea and a terrific way to deal with the worries. Your right. This is definitely a healthy outlet.

  4. What a Brilliant idea and terrific way to deal the words,its amazing,great job.
    iam so glad you looked my art journals.


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