Thursday, December 13, 2012


As art journalists, we need to remember to base some of our creations on ourselves.  Today (at almost 69 years of age), I was remembering that my father discouraged me from traveling as a young single woman--adding that it would be so much more worthwhile to one day travel with my husband.  Although my father was a smart man, I think his advice long ago was a disservice to me.  Although I eventually traveled, even internationally, I wish I had done it as a much younger person.  Here is my journal page about this lament:

It was an easy page to create technically.  Following a coat of Gesso, I began by tearing into pieces those maps that sometimes come with your pocket calendar.  I adhered the pieces with ModPodge.

The title TRAVEL was added by using alphabet stickers.  Then I added a few of my background stamps using black ink.

I don't use the "drip" technique often, but decided to try it on the page.  After using distress ink and allowing it to drip down my page, I blotted it with a sheet of paper towel.  I then used one of my homemade Perfect Pearl spray misters to age my background papers.

Lastly, I added a sticker with one of my favorite quotes about travel:

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  1. Lovely post. I agree with your sentiment. Not all the advice our well meaning parents of that era gave us, it was not always the best for the world which we would eventually live in. I wonder how much of the advice I gave my daughters has been equally...useless.

  2. I agree with your post. I hope you got to travel as much you wanted. I don't think I will ever stop.
    Being a military wife (retired), my kids only knew a life of traveling/moving. We encourage them to travel the world while they are young.

    I like your map background and quote!

  3. It wonderful Kay,
    nice to see the steps :)


  4. Lovely page! Thanks for the directions!! Be well.


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