Saturday, December 15, 2012


Most times, art journaling is all about layering--in fact, the more, the merrier!  There are times, however, when what one has to say is important, using the "KISS principle" is the better plan.  In this art journal entry, I am sharing a quote by Abraham Lincoln advising us to make good use of our days--and I want this quote to be the highlight of the page.

For the background, I chose a scrap of paper from the scrapbooking side of my studio.  I brightened the burlap pattern a bit by adding a bit of gold paint.  Next, a floral stamp and my quote.  To frame the quote and add a touch of color, I used a self-adhesive border strip cut into four pieces.  I then added a bit of washi tape with numbers.  The white frosting was created by painting white paint onto a small square of bubble wrap and using that as a stamp.  Here are the details:

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  1. I love how you use the tapes to create areas on your page- making a perfect spot for your wise quote! Happy holidays!

  2. :D and of course we want to make you happy. I am so loving your art journal journey... I really want to give this a go. At the moment I feel like all I can do is copy pages I see that I like. I am not adventurous enough to try my own. They just look messy :( thank you for being such an inspiration Kay :D xx

  3. Another page to love...your creativity, and the quote also! I look forward to your posts and have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Love, love, love this page Kay! I love the bubble painting and love that gorgeus sunflower stamp! The sunflower is my favourite flower!! You did a marvelous job with this beautiful page and also the beautiful sentiment!


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