Tuesday, January 1, 2013


To an artist, mojo is more than the common interpretation of charm or spell.  It is that place within us that drives us to create.  It is in our thoughts, our dreams, our very being and essence.  When we lose our mojo, we as artists are at a standstill.  You will find us doing the laundry rather than in our art studios sitting empty and without direction!  But, once found, our mojo can drive us for days (the heck with that laundry)!

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to create more, but without that artistic mojo, what is one to do?  Well, today, when I walked into my studio, there she was...just sitting on my table waiting for me.

Had she not been sitting in the middle of my work space, I would have immediately taped her down!  But, wait, I had another thought.  I could capture her in an art journaling page and I would *always* know where to find my mojo!

A bit of paper, acrylic paint, ink, stamps and a bit of ModPodge, and I had captured my mojo for all time...or have I?

Cheers and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!  Make me happy; leave a comment!


  1. I hope that tomorrow you will find time to do the laundry. :)


    1. Ha, ha, ha...this comment by Russ cracks me up!!!! "Get some mojo to do the laundry, will ya?" -oh my sides hurt!

    2. Please, Eniko, do not encourage him! ;-)

  2. My mojo has been playing hide and seek since before the holidays. Perhaps she is hibernating.

  3. A wonderful idea, Kay!!
    But Í think it's not enough to have her just one time in a journal. I think she wants from time to time a new page of herself...
    I can be wrong, but that is what I thought when I read your text an saw your mogo.

    And know I have to oben my eyes where my mojo is sitting...
    Ciao Beate

  4. Great idea Kay! I would frame this and put it on my wall!

  5. LOL...super page Kay and again...love the sentiment! My "One Little Word" for 2013 is "Embrace".....so your little word for 2013 is "Create".....awesome!

  6. love it Kay! happy art journalling in 2013!!!! more interesting than laundry lol.

  7. How very right you are about Mojo! Without her, I roam the house, doing what I consider to be menial tasks: with her, I can take on the craft world by storm!

  8. I've been rifling through your bog...catching up with your brilliant images of 2013...so far an amazing year for you artistically! Thank you for sharing your soulful journey with us. xo

  9. I love the way you put this Kay, it's so inspiring. Thanks for the lift of inspiration!!


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