Friday, January 18, 2013

MY WORD! (for 2013)

Today was a play day for me! My husband was at work and Jake was at The Common Dog for a bit of R&R with his buds!  The piano solos are playing in the background.  The new inks were at my newly-organized studio craft table, and I was pumped!

My challenge for today was to create an art journal page about MY WORD!  On her blog, Tracy Weinzapfel ( challenged her followers to choose a WORD for 2013. A word to inspire, to direct and to create a path.  It took me half of the month of January to decide on my word.  Several words came to mind, but I finally settled on the word JOY. I hope it will keep me focused! My art journal page is now filled with color and personal inspiration.  I want to find joy.  I want to recognize joy.  I want to share joy.  And, finally, I want to create joy.  Here's my WORD page:

The path I took to get to the completed page was long and challenging, but not without JOY!  I began with a brand new art journal!  As is usual, no matter what the surface, I begin with a coat of Gesso to "prime" the page and make it ready for whatever I might do!  You will also notice that I placed a piece of waxed paper under my page since I am working on this page IN the spiral-bound journal rather than removing it.

Next, I spritzed my page with water, then began to spray it with three inks, again with water, then yet again with the lightest ink.  I began to tip my journal to allow the  inks to run and create some interest.  When I was happy, I rolled across my page with a paper towel role to absorb all the liquid, then dried it with my heat gun.

Next up was tissue paper (from an actual dress pattern), torn and randomly adhered with Mod Podge.  I then used a tube full of distress ink across the top, lifted the journal, and allowed the ink to drip down my page.  Again, with the paper towel role and the heat gun.

I love to add layers to my pages, so I added some circles cut from a greeting card, several stamped images and bubble wrap with white paint, used as a stamp.

I have, over the years, tried my hand at making ATCs.  My title ATC was created in 2009 and has just been waiting for today!  It is constructed of a piece of cardboard with a piece of orange joint tape (think hardware store) atop it, and the chipboard word JOY.  

When my page was completed and I sat back and looked at it, I was pleased.  Indeed, today I have created JOY!



  1. A great word to start the year and hopefully 2013 will bring you more Joys than Sorrow. Gorgeous page. Lovely work of art.

  2. Great work Kay. I really like that you made your stamp. I must try that.

  3. Thank you, Kay! You've gotten so very good at this & I am so proud of you for working right in the journal! One of Tracy's requests for the assignment was to work outside of your comfort zone & I think you did that by not removing the page first. Kudos! Thanks for the reminder to pick a word for only took me 3-5 minutes to pick mine. I chose: REBIRTH

  4. I have a huge box of old patterns in the cupboard that you are making me want to did out and tear up to pieces.. This is just lovely.. Glad you found your word Joy.. Suits you to pieces.. Mine is Courage the courage to just do it and not worry it it mucks up..
    Sandy :)


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