Sunday, January 20, 2013


Most often, with the idea that I want to share the process of creating an art journal page, I take photos of the steps leading to the final page.  Sometimes, however, I am so engrossed in what is happening on my page that I never reach for the camera.

I can share with you that the background was created by layering paints onto my "canvas."  Using an old plastic gift card as an applicator, the paints were applied one after the other, drying each coat before moving on.  First  blue, then green, next white, finally  topped off with yellow!  Additional texture was added with stamps and bubble wrap.   My title was created by stamping individual letters on paper.  A fabric bird with stitching was the final embellishment!

I am happy with the page, and feel I am progressing in creating more "personal" pages!

Joy to you!


  1. Nice work. I like your colorful background.

  2. another beauty with great colors!! xxx

  3. OOOh...Kay! This is just lovely! and the colors are beautiful!!

  4. Ooohh WOW,kay thisa is beautiful,and the colors so bright and vibrant,super!!!

    GLG Jeannette

  5. I love it when I get so engrossed in a spread that I forget everything about the world (and the camera)! Such a happy and free piece you've made!


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