Saturday, February 4, 2017

ART FROM THE ROAD: Sunday Postcard Art (02-05-17)

Today's art comes to you from California, where we are currently camping literally on the edge of the Colorado River!

Tricia is our host this week at the Sunday Postcard Art challenge and she has chosen ORIENTAL as the theme. Although rugs always come to mind when I hear the adjective oriental, it is correct to use it to describe things from the Orient, but never people!

For my postcard today, I have chosen a 4" x 6" piece of Asian-inspired patterned paper. The strip across the bottom is gold, as are the outer edges of the flower.

The quote is a Chinese proverb. China once had an Emperor but, today, Japan is the only country that does. 

I hope you can find some time this week to join Tricia and the rest of us at the Sunday Postcard Art site to get creative. You can fine the details here.

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  1. Kay, this is just gorgeous! With the gold edges on the flower, it reminds me of some beautiful oriental fabric my BFF used to make be a bag.
    Lovely to hear you are enjoying your travels while still creating beautiful things!

  2. Tjee Kay this is a stunning one! Great that you are seeing so much on your travel! Hugs, Gerrina

  3. There are the oriental spirit and quote. Perfect to the theme. Beautiful design ❤

  4. A lovely proverb and art to express Kay!

  5. Ahhh seeing the world! Loving the proverb and that gorgeous gold edged flower

  6. Oh Kay this card is just beautiful and captures the theme wonderfully. The gold is the perfect accent too. I just love that flower. Sentiment is awesome too.

  7. Pretty and the scenery in the background is as well. You three are living the life. It is snowing and about 4-5 inches on the ground here. You won't miss that in Cali. xox

  8. I love that you are thinking outside of the box. love that you are still crafting Kay even whilst traveling. inspiring


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