Saturday, August 11, 2012


It has taken a few days to complete, but I have finally created a two-page art journal entry!  Not too much detail to share about this one, except for a quick look back.  But first, ta dah:

Now, the step back.  When I recently created a page about time using one of my new stencils, the stencil itself ended up loaded with lots of yummy paint.  Rather than waste it, I took the advice of Journal Artista (a brilliant and well-respected art journal artist) and opened up a blank page in my journal and used the stencil to "stamp" two pages with the leftover ink.  Here a visual reminder:

In creating this two pager, I began my background using those two inked pages.  If you look carefully on the left side of the finished journal page above, you can still see the original clock impressions.  I feel good about being frugal.  Thanks, Journal Artista!

To create the rest of the background, I used a relatively new product called Fireworks! by Imagine Crafts.  Fireworks! creates a colorful, sparkly and shimmery effect.  I chose three colors (the only three I have, by the way):  Summer Sky, Banana Blue, and Paris Dusk.

You will immediately notice the use of white acrylic ink and bubble wrap to create what is becoming my trademark!  You can also see rub-ons used randomly around the two pages.  These rub-ons are from Pinkpaislee and are created by artist Christy Tomlinson.  The image of the young woman I have used here is from the packaging materials containing the rub-ons, so must give credit for that to both Pinkpaislee and Christy Tomlinson!

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  1. Wow Kay you are getting so artistic with your pages. Just love how you did the background with the left over paint in the clock stamp. I love all the bubble wrap circles and wonderful quote.

  2. My goodness Kay you are clever all that imagination. Must try and find mine. xx

  3. You had me fooled Kay! I thought you drew the image of the lady! Very well done! Who doesn't love to be frugal? Very wonderful way to use up that paint!

  4. So super Kay! You are really getting very good at this artsy stuff!!!! ;-)))) ...Love the colouring is really so serene and beautiful!

  5. I've been a fan of Christie Tomlinson for quite some time...I just bought some of her stamps, but have not used her rub-ons, though she has certainly influenced my use of rub-ons in my artwork. Well-done, Kay! Love the colors of this one!


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